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Lextel Services – User Interface and Control Software for Embedded Systems

Lextel has developed many user interfaces for real time and embedded systems devices.

Embedded and Real Time Systems often require a GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) for monitoring and/or control. While it is true that human operators react and operate at speeds that would not be considered ‘Real Time’ in computer system terms, the Real Time user interface has to react and operate in a time frame that will enable the overall system to perform as expected.

embedded software graphical user interface

User Interfaces that are physically part of the embedded system can be implemented using small, simple, low cost LCD based Alpha Numeric displays, or using larger, color, touch screen displays. Choice of display depends on the overall system design and goals. The display may have a dedicated controller and embedded software, or the display software can be a component of the overall system software. Many design choices are available.

Windows and Windows CE are useful options for building an embedded system user interface. Another choice, when user interface performance requirements allow it, is to develop a web based system. This entails embedding a web server, such as Apache, in the embedded device. Then the device can be accessed using any web browser. This is a popular option as it allows great flexibility in choice of user interface devices and locations. Ultimately, the embedded device, with an embedded web server, can be connected to a network and accessed remotely from anywhere on the globe, if desired.

Embedded System User Interface Requirements

Ultimately, the user interface of an embedded system is controlling and monitoring a device that has real time operating characteristics. As such, design and implementation of the user interface software must take this into account in addition to typical user interface considerations.

Sample of Embedded Systems User Interfaces Lextel has developed:

  • Reconnaissance Imaging Capture and Display
  • Operator Control Panel for Medical Diagnostic Equipment
  • Computer Backup Storage Systems Controls
  • Telecommunications Systems Control Panels
  • Military Image Management, Storage, Retrieval System
  • Network Chip Demo Card GUI Software
  • Macintosh Based Communication Hardware Test Software
  • Airborne Data Acquisition System Operator Control Panel

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