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Embedded Systems Software Engineering

Lextel is a specialist in Software for Embedded Systems

Software for Embedded Systems is computer software that is part of a piece of equipment or system. The software is ’embedded’ in the equipment, and is an integral part of the functioning of the equipment. Unlike a piece of ‘application’ software, such as a word processor, spreadsheet, or accounting application, embedded software runs on a specific piece of hardware with a dedicated purpose, rather than on a general purpose computer system.

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In today’s ‘connected’ world, embedded software is literally everywhere. From automobiles, to cell phones, to the equipment that runs the internet ‘behind the scenes’, to e-book readers, to military and defense equipment, to life saving medical equipment, to unmanned vehicles exploring the outer reaches of our solar system – embedded software is ubiquitous.

Embedded Software has unique requirements:

  • Relatively Compact Footprint
  • Need for high reliability
  • Performance is critical
  • Deterministic
  • Need for remote diagnostic capability
  • Target system is often different than development system

Embedded Software Applications are often developed using an RTOS ( Real Time Operating System ) as the underlying system software. An RTOS enables the embedded software application to be designed and implemented such that the unique requirements of an embedded system can be met. A standard computer operating system, such as Windows or off the shelf Linux, typically will not be able to meet the embedded system requirements of determinism, critical performance, and reliability. In recent years, however, various ‘real-time’ Linux versions have found use in embedded devices and are now a popular alternative to one of the traditional RTOS distributions. Windows Embedded is another option for an embedded operating system. It can be used in an Embedded or Real Time application if the demands are not as stringent, for example, when used as a part of a user interface. In that case, the benefits of a well known, widely deployed, low cost, and easy to work with OS such as Windows outweighs its drawbacks.

Lextel has developed Embedded Systems Software for many uses and applications:

  • Line Rate IPsec/Cryptography microcode
  • Interprocessor Messaging Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring and Control
  • RDMA Over Converged Ethernet (ROCE) protocol microcode
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnostic Equipment
  • Microcode for 40Gbps Network Processing Equipment
  • Raid Storage Systems
  • Disc Controllers
  • Tape Controllers
  • Military Image Management
  • Command Line Interface Framework
  • Event Logging
  • Telecommunications switching system redundancy
  • Reflective Memory Networking Configuration and Control
  • Storage Area Networking Hub Configuration and Control
  • Image acquisition, storage, and viewing
  • Software/Firmware Image Management
  • Optical Data Link Test / Diagnostic Control Software

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • vxWorks
  • Windows
  • Macintosh

Processor Architectures

  • X86
  • Power PC
  • 68xxx
  • ARM
  • XScale
  • MIPS

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