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When High Speed, Low latency communication between computing systems is required, consider Lextel’s line of real time connectivity products. Applications such as Radar, Simulation Systems, Particle Physics Experimentation, and Aerospace equipment have all benefited from the use of these products.

Lextel’s Real Time Connectivity products provide 3 architectures for sharing information in real time: Shared Memory Networking, Bus to Bus Adapters, and Dma Controllers.

Shared Memory Networking

Lextel Shared Memory Network controllers create a shared global memory between a group of computing systems. With a shared memory network, all processors connected have access to the same memory region. High overhead communication protocols are not needed for the processors to share data. A producer of data simply writes it to memory, and the consumer can just look for it in memory.

Embedded Systems Shared Memory Networking

Lextel Shared Memory Network products incorporate many functions that complement the shared memory when used in a Real Time data communications application:

  • Generation and repeating of interrupts between systems
  • Broadcast and selective interrupts
  • Optional Bus to Bus Repeater capability on the same controller
  • Optional High Speed DMA capability on the same controller
  • Remote reset of controllers and busses
  • Full System controller functions
  • Flexible configuration options

The following Lextel Shared Memory Network products are available:

Bus to Bus Adapters

Lextel Bus to Bus Adapters enable Bus masters on a ‘Local’ bus to have direct random access to memory and I/O devices on a ‘Remote’ bus. The busses connected may be similar (i.e. VMEbus to VMEbus) or dissimilar (i.e. ISA to VMEbus

Embedded Systems Bus to Bus Adapters

The following Lextel Bus to Bus Adapter products are are available:

DMA Controllers

Lextel Real Time Communication links can provide high speed DMA transfer capabilities. These functions are used when moving large data blocks between computing systems. Typical applications include Imaging, where transfer rates up to 80MB/sec may be required. Data transfer is accomplished by hardware mechanisms without using processor resources.

This frees processors for other computing tasks while data is being transferred. For example, this could include digital signal processing on large data sets.

The DMA transfer facilities in Lextel products include:

  • Queued buffer list processing
  • Internal Flow control
  • Variable buffer and packet size
  • Error handling
  • Address to multiple remote nodes
  • Scatter/Gather operation
  • Pipelined buffer processing

The following Lextel Products can include Dma transfer capabilities:

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