Interprocessor Messaging

ISys Interprocessor Messaging Feature List

Lextel’s ISys Interprocessor Messaging Component for use in Embedded and Real Time systems provides a software library and API that makes it easy to specify, send, receive, and take action on messages between processors.
The features in the ISys Interprocessor Messaging Component simplifies the work involved in a distributed, multiprocess embedded application.

High Level API

Messages are specified and sent using a C++, ‘object oriented’ API that hides the details and complication of the underlying communications protocol. It is not neccessary for the programmer to undertand the intricacies of network and communications systems programming.

Task to Task Communication

Messages are sent to named tasks on named processors. The details of how a message gets to a particular task is hidden. In addition, the operation of the task message queues is hidden. The programmer only has to know the processor address and the task name.

High Performance

A minimum of copying, sometimes none at all, is required during message processing and transmission.


The action taken when a message is received, as well as the data transmitted with the message, is specified within the message class itself. This improves the readability, supportability, and reliability of the resulting software.


The processors from which interprocessor messages will be accepted can be specified, in order to provide security for the end product.

IP Message Manager

Interprocessor Message Manager software provides the means to initialize, control, and monitor interprocessor message activity.
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