Example comments from prior customers

From a senior development manager at a venture funded startup

“This is to note that Lextel has provided outstanding embedded development services to … Deep Packet Inspection product during the past 5 years. [Lextel] … is technically very strong and worked on almost all aspects of the system. [Lextel engineers] … developed Board Support Packages (BSP) for multiple cards – Controller Card, Line Card, IOM card and Service cards, worked on Infrastructure elements like Inter-process communication, CLI, SNMP, etc. [and] worked on data path configuration and helped investigate and resolve many complex system level issues.”

“The feeling we always had in the management is, if [Lextel] … is working on an issue, we can relax and be assured of a solution. [Lextel’s] … expertise is well regarded by peers and it truly is a pleasure to work with Lextel Inc.”

From the President of a medical equipment company

“This is a recommendation for Lextel, Inc. My company is developing a medical system for … we hired Lextel as a consultant to our project … to finish the software development for the product we were preparing for clinical trials. [Lextel] … was replacing full time employees who left the company. [Lextel] … took the bull by the horns and was able to relatively quickly understand the code that was written and identify what needed to be done to complete it. [Lextel] … was able to resolve a number of significant issues with our code, and successfully completed a software release for our clinical trial which passed verification and validation testing.”

“[Lextel] … has a broad knowledge base which .. is able to effectively apply to a complex project. [Lextel] … is a hardware developer and software development experience ranges from embedded C programming to Windows. This breadth of experience was very useful in developing and troubleshooting our system.”

“[Lextel engineer] … is smart, confident, experienced. .. also a good communicator able to work with different types of people. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire [Lextel engineers] … for the next phase of work or another project.”

From a Distinguished Engineer at a networking semiconductor and systems vendor

“This is a letter of recommendation for .. Lextel. [Lextel engineers] … worked with us for about a year on producing RDMA over ethernet (RoCE) implementation. Lextel primarily worked on the .. microcode software component of the system.”

“Lextel’s team worked well as part of a larger team, operating autonomously when required and with their remote peers in Pittsburgh and Austin. [Lextel engineering] … team have solid experience and knowledge in writing high performing multi-processor networking code and made a great addition to the overall project.”

“I very much appreciated [Lextel engineer’s] … down to earth approach to articulating a problem as well as coming up with concrete recommendations for solutions.”

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